Atlus has updated the domain P5R.JP – probably, it is associated with the reprint of Persona 5


Fans believe that the announcement will take place on December 30th.

The Persona Central portal noticed that Atlus Studio on December 25 updated the domain associated with the Persona series of games – P5R.JP. The site was registered in April 2017, and then it was renewed once. Previously, the domain belonged to the Japanese domain registrar Onamae, and now to Atlus itself. Now public access to the portal is closed.

The author of the note assumes that the studio is preparing a reissue of the fifth part of the game Persona 5 R. It relies on the words of the user from a local forum, who told several rumors about future updates. Something has already been confirmed – for example, that in Super Smash Bros. The Joker, the Persona character, will appear as the game character. In addition, Persona Central remembered that Atlus had previously announced its games a few days after the domain “moved” to its servers – this was the case with Persona Q2, Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight & Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and Catherine : Full Body.

The author also noted that the developers themselves mentioned the updated version of Persona 5. In February 2017, they conducted a vote, one of the points of which was the re-release of the game with “new scenarios and elements”.

Persona Central suggests that the studio will present the game on December 30 in the hour special episode of the anime series Persona 5. In addition, details of the Persona Super Live 2019 concert will appear on the same day .


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