In the Overwatch social functions appear “Reputation” and “Group Search”

Also, future innovations will affect the ability Symmetry.

In the next developer diary, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan spoke about new social features that will appear in the shooter. One of them will be the reputation system.

At the end of the match, players will be evaluated in three ways. Reputation is composed of the characteristics of “Sporting spirit”, “Loyalty to the team” and “Initiative”. The reputation level will have to be maintained, otherwise it will automatically decrease over time. If you receive any punishment, the counter will be reset.

Also in the Overwatch appears “Search for a group.” This system will allow you to choose a suitable team from a special browser or build your own. Users will be able to customize many parameters, up to limit the choice of specific characters.The system will allow you to search for teammates that are required in the composition. You can also find a group that plays according to a specific format, for example, 2-2-2 (2 damage characters, 2 tanks and 2 support heroes).
For the convenience of selecting roles in the group, the classes “Storm” and “Protection” were combined – now it is a single class “Damage”.

At the end of the summer or the beginning of autumn, the developers plan to add another significant social function to the shooter – which one is not yet specified.

Kaplan also spoke about the upcoming update of the heroine Symmetry, who will henceforth belong to the class “Damage”, rather than “Support”. Now the beam of its phaton emitter is not automatically directed at enemies, a teleport can be placed anywhere, and the turrets fly some distance before installation. Ultimate Symmetry will become an infinite energy board, enduring 5,000 damage.

New main attack Symmetra. 
Now you can charge from the shields.

The developers will update the map “Moon Colony: Horizon”. It will change the layout of the aisles, new defensive fortifications will appear and the layout of some of the first-aid kits will change.New superpower Symmetry.

New superpower Symmetry.

More information about upcoming changes can be found on the official forumOverwatch.


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