Blizzard Unveils 30 Overwatch Heroes – This is Medic Batiste

And, importantly, the attacker.

After several teasers, the developers showed another hero of the game. This attacking medic Jean-Baptiste Augustine hails from Haiti.

He became an orphan during the Rise of the Machines and lived on the principle of “steal or die of starvation, kill or be killed.” At a certain stage of his life, Baptiste got into the terrorist organization Kogot, but still changed his mind and went over to the side of good.

Judging by the character’s first teaser, the Claw agents are unhappy with the betrayal and intend either to kill the mercenary or bring him back.

In Blizzard, they promise that the hero will appear “soon.” At the time of writing this note, the Overwatch website does not contain information about its abilities.

The previous support character appeared in Overwatch a year ago — it was Brigitte .


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