Blizzard: The reputation system has reduced the level of toxic behavior of players in Overwatch by 40%

According to the study of the studio, from 50% to 70% of users thank their partners and rivals in the game.

On March 21, Natasha Miller, an analyst at Blizzard, spoke at the GDC 2019 game developer conference. She spoke about the results of the introduction of social functions in Overwatch, due to which the level of toxicity in the game decreased.

As Miller reported, Reputation, which Blizzard introduced into Overwatch in the summer of 2018 , was particularly effective . This system allows you to praise teammates and opponents in three categories: “Sports spirit”, “Loyalty to the team” and “Initiative.” Players receive experience for their typed and issued praises and increase their reputation, which is reduced due to penalties or a long lack of rewards.

According to a Blizzard representative, the reputation system showed players in Overwatch the importance of their actions, which led to a decrease in the level of toxic behavior in matches by 40%. Gamers polled by developers confirmed that “thanks to the reputation, the community has become friendlier.”

Natasha Miller also said that words of gratitude, which the studio sends to players in response to reports, and warnings about possible sanctions for incorrect behavior, help reduce toxicity in Overwatch.

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