The authors of Get Even presented a game teaser Chernobylite and announced the imminent launch of the campaign on Kickstarter


The horror of survival in the Chernobyl exclusion zone should be released in the autumn of 2019.

Polish developers are planning to increase the Chernobylite locations, for which they will again have to go to Chernobyl – The Farm 51 recreates its territory in the game using 3D scanning.

For this they will need additional money, which the studio expects to collect with the help of Kickstarter. According to the developers, after launching the campaign, players will be able to pre-order Chernobylite and purchase collectible items such as the Black Stalker mask.

Chernobylite is a survivor-horror game in which gamers have to explore the infected area, make equipment and weapons and fight monsters and other stalkers.

Preview Trailer for Survivor Horror Chernobylite 

The game will be released this fall.

The developers from the Polish studio The Farm 51 (Get Even) presented the debut trailer for the Chernobylite survivor-horror. Also, the game has a page on Steam .

According to the description, players will have to survive in the infected zone, create their own weapons and gadgets, as well as fight other stalkers and monsters.

The game is based on the technology of 3D scanning of the terrain Reality 51, on which The Farm 51 has been working for five years. To recreate the contaminated territory of Chernobyl, the developers visited the site of the disaster.


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