Spring sale with discounts up to 90% started in GOG


And in the games store, working on DOSBox, there is support for cloud storage.

In the GOG sale there will be not only constant discounts, but also daily offers with the lowest prices.

Collections of six titles will be updated every day,

In the “Spring Sale” involved more than 600 games from the library store.

  • “The Witcher 3” (Edition “Game of the Year”) –
    14.99 dollar (70% discount)
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance – 
    29.99 dollar (50% discount)
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3 – 
    2.49 dollar (75% discount)
  • “Blood feud: Witcher. Stories “- 
    22.49 dollar (25% discount)
  • Battletech – 
    23.99 dollar (39% discount)
  • Hollow Knight – 
    9.89 dollar (32% discount)

The action itself will end on the night of March 28-29.

Also in the GOG announced that they added support for cloud storage for more than hundreds of classic games running with DOSBox. To synchronize with the repository you will need to use the GOG Galaxy program.

Some of the games where this feature appeared also have discounts – for example, Dungeon Keeper (
1.49 dollar, 72% discount) or a set of the first three games of the Alone in the Dark series (
1.49 dollar , 74% discount).


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