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Why do you need your own controller and whether there will be exclusives: Google top managers answer key questions about Stadia


Vice-presidents Phil Harrison and Maid Bakar told why the service was called Stadia, whether it was necessary to play on smartphones with a gamepad and thanks to which Stadia could receive exclusives.

A controller created by Google specifically for Stadia

March 19 at the conference of game developers GDC 2019 was a presentation of Google, at which the company introduced the gaming streaming service Stadia. It was about him that journalists from Eurogamer asked in an interview with the vice-presidents of the company Phil Harrison, who previously worked as a top manager at Sony and Microsoft, and Mayda Bakar, who is responsible for Google’s development.

Why the service was called Stadia

Our brand is Stadia, our platform is called Stadia. So in English are called several stadiums. The stadium, as you know, is a place designed for sports, but it is also a playground.

This is our idea – to create a platform that will allow you to watch the games, play and participate in them, and even develop and manage them.

Phil harrisonVice president of google

Why does Stadia need its own controller?

We created our own controller for two reasons. The first is to communicate with TVs, since we use Chromecast for streaming. The main feature of the gamepad Stadia is a Wi-Fi connection, thanks to which the controller is directly connected to the game in the data center.

The second reason is two additional buttons and a built-in microphone. Through it, you can take advantage of Google Assistant and quickly invite friends to play together.

Phil harrisonVice president of google

We try to minimize the barriers between the gamer and the game. We did a lot of research, and in 85% of cases, when the players were launching a PC or console, they immediately wanted to connect to multiplayer with friends. They did not want to understand the menu and settings.

Maid BakarVice president of google

How Stadia is connected to other Google services

Stadia is part of your Google account, so your Gmail username and password, for example, will also allow you to log in to Stadia.


Phil harrisonVice president of google

How Stadia helps to use less energy

Chromecast consumes less than five watts, while consoles need from 100 to 150 watts. If you play Stadia on a smartphone, then all you do is watch the video.

Therefore, you can play Doom and Assassin’s Creed and other “heavy” games — and use less battery power than mobile titles. You can play on smartphones for dozens of hours.

Maid BakarVice president of google

Can I play via Stadia on smartphones without a controller?

Immediately after launch, we will present a number of devices for the mobile version of Stadia from our partners, and we have our own ideas – but it’s too early to talk about them.

Phil harrisonVice president of google

Will Stadia have its own store

Yes, Stadia has its own store where you can find games. But we want developers to show the games to their audience directly. Therefore, studios will be able to share links to purchase games anywhere.

Phil harrisonVice president of google

How is Stadia planned to minimize input-lag

To ensure a stable connection, we combine traffic compression with other methods like the QUIC protocol, BBR algorithms and WebRTC technology.Maid BakarVice president of google

What technologies will allow to make exclusive games for Stadia

For example, one of the key innovations of Stadia in multiplayer games is a transition from strictly defined conditions to a real simulation, which is ensured by updating all game clients with atomic clock level accuracy.

Already this will allow you to create unique game mechanics and situations. And many developers with whom we cooperate, understood this.

Phil harrisonVice president of google

Digital Foundry’s experts tested Stadia and the gamepad from Google – the main thing


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