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What was told at the presentation of Epic Games for developers


Innovations in the Unreal Engine and grants for developers.

At the GDC 2019 conference, Epic Games for developers was presented. We chose the most important of what was told by the employees of the company.

  • Epic Games organizes a fund to support the creators of “creative projects” on the Unreal Engine. Its volume will be 100 million dollars. The money will be received by developers, artists, students and teachers who work with UE4. They will be able to publish finished projects at any venue – not only in the Epic Games Store.
  • Epic Games online services will be free for developers through a special SDK. With it, game authors will be able to get analytical data like the number of players. In addition, the SDK will facilitate technical user support. Additional features will appear during 2019.
  • In version 4.22 Unreal Engine will support real-time raiting. In addition, the engine received improved tools for working with animation and optimization for different platforms. With all the innovations can be found on the site . A preview version of the update is already available for download.

The real-time raytracing technology was demonstrated using the example of the Troll demo in which Alicia Wikander played.

  • Epic Games also shared digital store statistics. The first free game on the site, Subnautica, was downloaded by 4.5 million users. The same amount of downloaded Slime Rancher, which is distributed in Epic Games now. Metro Exodus was bought two and a half times more often than the second part on Steam.
  • Epic Games has entered into a partnership with the Humble Bundle. This means that the keys for games in the Epic Games Store will be sold in the Humble Store.
  • Epic Games introduced the physical system Chaos. As noted in the company, this technology will allow you to create realistic physics of materials and animation. It will be launched in early access during 2019.

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