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Chapter Epic Games Store: Metro Exodus sells 2.5 times better than Metro: Last Light on Steam

The representative of Epic Games did not name the exact circulation of the game.Epic Games at its presentation during GDC 2019 announced that the initial sales of Metro Exodus, which was released on the PC in the Epic Games Store, were 2.5 times as large as the circulation of Metro: Last Light on Steam for the same period.

Steve Ellison, head of the Epic Games Store, noted after this that Metro: Last Light was “a truly successful game.”

Metro: Last Light is a successful game. Therefore, it is always primarily about games, and not about the stores in which they are sold.Steve allisonHead of Epic Games Store

Metro Exodus was released on PC on February 15th exclusively at the Epic Games Store. The release of the game on Steam will take place after February 14, 2020.

Heavy Rain, Detroit and Control will be released on PC exclusively in the Epic Games Store


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