20 minutes of gameplay remake System Shock and the first impressions of journalists

The game has changed outwardly, but inside it is the same "skeleton".


At GDC 2019, Nightdive Studios developers showed a 20-minute gameplay of the medical level of Citadel Station System Shock Remake. PC Games editor Wes Fenlon managed to play a remake, and, according to him, at the moment the gameplay feels authentic.

The game is made in the style of low-fi. System Shock Remake presents the future as it was seen in the 90s: large control panels with luminous buttons, rectangular futuristic corridors and generally chopped shapes of objects. According to Fenlon, the developers managed to convey the retro atmosphere of the original.

The journalist noted that the “skeleton” of the game remained the same, but outwardly changed due to Unreal Engine 4. The remake works stably and looks good. The developers carefully recreated the original on the new engine, catching the key gameplay elements.

The monsters presented at the level did not impress the journalist. So far, they are only wobbling from side to side and moaning loudly. Nevertheless, the developers promise that in the final version of the enemies they will work more carefully. The authors focus on DOOM 2016, in which the player had to constantly change weapons and adapt to the situation depending on the opponent.

A remake of System Shock is due out in 2020 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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