Warren Spector: Many publishers are already interested in System Shock 3

The head of Otherside Entertainment believes the project is safe.

In a comment to VG247, the head and founder of Otherside Entertainment, Warren Spector, said that after the termination of the contract with Starbreeze System Shock 3, other companies were interested.

The times of uncertainty often occur in the gaming business. Uncertainty is not so bad. Our paths with Starbreeze have diverged (by mutual consent), so now we are looking for a new publisher. Fortunately, we have the legacy of System Shock and the progress we have made. So there is great interest in the project.

Warren spectorHead of Otherside Entertainment

According to Spector, the departure from Starbreeze did not affect the development. Production continues normally. Game designer is sure that the game will get to the store shelves and become a hit.

Starbreeze has announced that it has waived System Shock 3 publishing rights and returns to OtherSide Entertainment studios. Developers, in turn, will have to return the company all the funds that she invested in the project.


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