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The culling’s royal battle servers will be shut down on May 15 unless the developers find the successor team


The game did not even save the transition to free-to-play.

On the termination of support for online action announced the head of the studio Xaviant Josh Van Veld (Josh Van Veld).

All online functions and modes will cease to operate on May 15, 2019, and the in-game store will be disconnected “soon.”

According to Van Veld, the company did not calculate its strength when it decided to restart The Culling after the failure of the second part and switch to the shareware distribution model.

We hoped that the revenue from microtransactions would be enough to support our team and continue development, however we were mistaken.

Even with thousands of active players every day, revenue was only a small fraction of what our team needed. As a result, we had to reduce the size of the studio – now we are not able to support the game and release updates to it.Josh Van Veldhead of the studio Xaviant

The developer added that Xaviant can transfer the work on The Culling to another studio, if there is one, and asked all those interested to write to the company’s email.

Van Weld also thanked all the players for their support, both moral and material.

The Culling came out in early Steam access in 2016, even before the royal battle genre gained popularity due to the success of PUBG.

The sequel of the game was released in the summer of 2018 and failed – the number of players on Steam dropped to one on the second day after the release. As a result, the second part was decided to be removed from sale and return to work on the original.

After the “restart” in September 2018 and a surge of activity, The Culling constantly lost players – in February, on average, 19 Steam users entered the game .


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