Nvidia unveiled Quake II RTX – a remake of a shooter with the use of technology tracing rays


At the heart of the game is a modification of Q2VKPT.

Nvidia announced Quake II RTX. The inspiration for the authors served as a mod Q2VKPT , developed by former Nvidia intern Christophe Schied. The developer added Path Tracing technology to the shooter – a type of ray tracing for all lighting effects.

Schied also participated in the development of the Quake II RTX. The game replaced all the technologies relating to lighting, shadow systems and special effects. Nvidia noted that this made it possible to add more accurate reflections on glossy and watery surfaces, realistic reflections of the sun, particle effects and lasers for weapons and other innovations.


For now , only Quake II RTX screenshots are available on the Nvidia website . Gameplay video can be demonstrated at a conference in the framework of the GDC 2019 on March 21.


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