Nvidia presented a neural network editor that allows you to convert art into photorealistic images.


The tool is designed to simplify the work of artists and animators.

Nvidia has introduced an advanced graphical editor GauGAN, which is capable of creating photorealistic images from schematic drawings. For the “training” program, Nvidia drove over a million images from Flickr through the neural network with examples of various objects.

While GauGAN works only with landscapes. The program has three tools: fill, pen and pencil. At the bottom of the software interface is a “palette” – on it you can select the texture of the object. During the demonstration, the user would draw sketchy lines on the left side of the screen, and GauGAN would turn them into real objects on the right.

The program generates each time a unique object texture, and also adds details, for example, reflections in water. Also in GauGAN you can change the time of day or change the season. So, in the winter landscape, the system will not add foliage to trees.

Nvidia expects its software to be used among designers, architects, and game developers. The company plans to improve the functions of GauGAN and “teach” the program to work not only with landscapes, but also with urban landscapes and images of people.

The company has not yet shared plans for the release of GauGAN, but perhaps in the future a free trial version will be released .


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