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Modders have added support for RTX in Quake 2

We admire the “nekstgen” 20-year exposure.

Q2VKPT completely recycles the Quake 2 lighting system, adding support for ray tracing. The mod uses the Vulkan API and hardware ray tracing acceleration, which debuted on Nvidia RTX cards. At 2080 Ti, the game runs at 60 FPS at a resolution of 2560 by 1440.

Gameplay with new lighting

At the same time, unlike new titles, in which rays are used only for individual effects like reflections (in Battlefield V) or shadows (in Shadow of the Tomb Raider), in Q2VKPT, using trace, the full global illumination with dynamic soft shadows, glossy reflections and indirect light with one bounce. These computationally expensive methods used to be the prerogative of offline rendering.

Q2VKPT is available for download both as source code and as compiled binaries . More information and technical details can be found on the mod website .


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