Wargaming announced Pagan Online – Diablo style action RPG for PC


Diablo III and Path of Exile may have a competitor.

Wargaming announced the action-RPG Pagan Online, which is engaged in the development of the Serbian studio Mad Head Games. The game is based on pre-Christian mythology, and its mechanics will resemble Diablo. In addition, Wargaming announced the presence of elements of the MOBA genre “with references to raids from the classic MMORPG.”

In Pagan Online, players will move between different arenas, battling hordes of monsters. The game will have several modes, including single and cooperative with their own missions and awards. In this game will be paid.

In Pagan Online, we tried to take a fresh look at the genre of action-RPG, spiced it with MOBA elements. The output is a burning mix with hordes of enemies and a very dynamic “boevka”. We have all invested ourselves in this game and finally we can share it with the players.

Uros Banyeshevich Co-founder and creative director of Mad Head Games.

The game will be released on the PC, but its release date is not reported. At the moment, you can sign up for a beta test, which is scheduled for 2019.

Earlier at the conference BlizCon, the authors of Diablo presented another game in the universe – mobile Diablo Immortal. Users met the announcement negatively: in less than an hour, her trailer scored more than 10 thousand dizLikes on YouTube, while the number of likes barely reached 400. At the time of writing, the “I do not like” button under the video was pressed more than 539 thousand times.


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