The first season of Apex Legends with the hero Okteyn starts on March 19


Battle pass will go on sale soon .

Access to the first season of the “royal battle” of Apex Legends called “Indomitable Frontier” will open on March 19 at 20:00 Moscow time.

The developers published a short teaser of the game and told about additional content.

With the first season, a new character will be available in the game – Octavio “Octane” Silva, who lost his legs during the competition and replaced them with robotic prostheses.

The hero is able to sacrifice health in order to move faster, and his “ulta” allows the entire squad to be launched into the air.

Soon, the combat pass of the first season will go on sale – it costs 950 coins (about 700 rubles), and the set, immediately giving 25 levels – 2800 coins. Raising the rank of the pass, the players will be given cosmetic items as a reward – there will be a hundred of them all.

Free will be available only one appearance for the character, five sets of Apex and tools for tracking statistics.


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