Players accidentally skip cut scenes in Devil May Cry 5 due to a strange developer decision


Do not click on the “Options” button!

If you play DMC V, most likely you have already encountered the following scenario. The game starts, the first cut-scene begins, you remember that you forgot to turn on the subtitles, press the “Options” button on the gamepad, but instead of displaying the menu, the game just skips the entire movie without warning.

Judging by Resetera and other gaming forums, the problem is massive. Some people accidentally miss 2-3 videos in a row.

They did not even make a small circle, which is filled when the button “A” is clamped. Monsters. We are not in 2005, Capcom.statham

Making a game without a pause in the cut scenes is illegal in 2019.

I hope the monsters who are responsible for this will face justice. Goats.molnizzle

In some games like Metro Exodus, the problem is solved by calling the console menu itself – the splash screen is still paused. However, in the case of the DMC V and it does not work – the video is just skipped.

On PS4, where after taking a screenshot on the screen, a noise appears in the form of a system notification, this becomes an even bigger problem.

This is absurd. How, then, take screenshots of the cut scenes? This can be done once per scene. Incredible, Capcom.Ardiloso

Many players go to YouTube to fill in the gaps and still see the entertainment videos. There are those who pass the whole level again. However, in reality this is not necessary. In the “Gallery” in the main menu there is a section “History”, where all videos can be reviewed at any time.

But there is no pause in them either.

DMC V was released on March 8 and received mostly positive ratings from the press, and also surpassed RE2 Remake in peak number of players on Steam.


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