35 hours of content on the release without microtransactions: the main thing from Varg’s interview with the authors of Pagan Online from Wargaming

The premium game will receive large paid add-ons.

Variety has talked to Wargaming product director Jacob Bukler and Mad Head Games co-founder Uros Banjessevich about what Pagan Online is, how the game will evolve and why the authors did not make it free-to-play.

  • Pagan Online is the second project where Wargaming acts as a publisher, helping a third-party studio. The company learned about it from one of the employees of Epic Games around the beginning of 2017.
  • Wargaming believes that the free-to-play model is oversaturated, and players are looking for something that does not feel like a divorce for money. For this reason, Pagan Online will be paid and without microtransactions, the presence of which in premium titles, according to Wargaming, is already overkill.
  • The authors were convinced that they chose the right direction when they looked at BlizzCon 2018 – they were waiting for the announcement of Diablo 4 and were concerned that this would substitute their project.
  • The creators agree that Pagan Online looks like Diablo, but they assured that the game will feel differently – in their RPG the player needs to rely not on the stats of equipment, but on his skill, dodging attacks and getting skills.
  • The complexity of the combat system adds the fact that access to the abilities give the gods – the character of the player serves two of them, and during the battle between them you have to switch right on the go.
  • The game is divided into solo or cooperative races from 5 to 30 minutes, and the release will total about 35 hours of content, during which players will visit deserts, forests, swamps and other biomes.
  • Pagan Online will not be developed through microtransactions or service elements, but with the help of large paid updates that will be released once a quarter: new characters, features, storylines and other content are waiting for players in them.

Pagan Online will be released in early April access to PC.

The first gameplay trailer action-RPG Pagan Online from Wargaming 


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