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Valve about personal files on Steam: “This data is not intended for use by other programs”


The company is investigating what information is collected by the Epic Games Store.

Valve’s vice president of marketing, Doug Lombardi, commented onBleepingComputer on the situation surrounding Steam file scanning by an Epic Games Store client.

According to him, the company has already begun to investigate what data is collected by the launcher Epic Games.

The Steam client stores data locally, such as a list of your games, friends, and authorization tokens (like information stored in a browser). This is personal user data that is stored on a home device and is not intended to be used by other programs or downloaded to a third-party service.

Anyone interested can find the localconfig.vdf file, as well as other Steam configurations in their client’s directory and see what data is stored there by opening them through a text editor. They can also see everything about their Steam account through the site .Doug LombardiValve’s vice president of marketing

It is the localconfig.vdf file that the Epic Games Store client scans, and this, according to Epic Games chapter Tim Sweeney, is intended.


Sweeney previously admitted that he was hurrying developers and took the blame for the fact that the launcher scans the entire directory of Steam. Epic Games is currently working on code changes so that the client takes only data from the localconfig.vdf file, but Valve seems to be against it.

In the same statement, Tim Sweeney explained that Epic Games intentionally does not use the standard import option via the Steam API, since the API itself usually collects more data than it should, and the company wants to protect the players’ personal information.

It is not yet clear what the Valve investigation may lead to and whether Epic Games can refuse to scan localconfig.vdf.


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