A presumptive interface and a list of updated Steam chat features have appeared on the network.


With the ability to create groups, give users permanent nicknames and embed pictures and videos.

June 5, Steam Database found in the update of the beta version of Steam files associated with the chat system.

Judging from the information in the code, Valve plans to allow users to create group rooms and invite them into them with the help of special links, improve the quality of voice communication, and also embed media files. All this should work in the web version.

Somewhat later, a Twitter user with the nickname SAVEME1112 published ascreenshot of the updated interface with a modified chat structure and a list of friends. Soon the record with the image was deleted

In addition, a description of the beta version of the chat appeared in the Zone of Games forum , much of which coincides with information from other sources. Other changes are mentioned in the text.

  • Adding to your chats, groups and friends
  • Sort your friends by the game that they are running at the moment and the opportunity to observe which of them are playing together
  • Details about the friends in the game – what exactly they do (for example, are in the menu or start a match online)
  • Assigning permanent nicknames to friends

Netizens assume that chats will change before Steam fully switches to the updated interface. Valve is likely to launch closed beta testing soon


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