Netflix will remove real disaster footage from Bird Box movie


After almost three months after the picture.

In January 2019, Canadian journalists discovered that the authors of the thriller Bird Box (“Bird Box”), which was released on Netflix, inserted footage of a real train blast into the film. The tragedy that took the lives of more than forty people, occurred in 2013 in the Canadian city of Lac Megantic. Therefore, his mayor, Julie Maureen, as well as Nathalie Roy – Minister of Culture of Quebec Province – asked Netflix to remove the trailer of the disaster from Bird Box.

However, the streaming service for unnamed reasons refused to delete the footage of the tragedy – until March 14, when representatives of Netflix and the creators of Bird Box announced that they would replace the scene with the train crash. They also apologized “for all the pain caused to residents of Lac-Megantica.” The excerpt with the record of the disaster should be replaced in the Bird Box within two weeks.

The shots with the disaster in Lac-Megantica were also used in the fantastic series “Travelers”, which is also available on Netflix – however, the authors of the show removed an excerpt from the tragedy in January 2019.

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