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At the beginning of the mass shooting in New Zealand, one of the attackers asked viewers to sign up for PewDiePie

The attack killed at least 49 people.


On March 15, in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, an armed man staged a mass shooting at the Al Nur and Lynwood Masjid mosques.

The attack, according to the Minister of New Zealand, killed at least 40 people, and dozens were injured. She called the incident “one of the darkest days in the history of the country.” As a result of the attack, the police detained four suspects – three men and one girl. Later, the official number of victims increased to 49, and the three suspects were released.

According to media reports, the shooter, whose name is Brenton Tarrant, published a 37-page manifesto before the attack, describing himself as an “eco-fascist” and describing his actions as a terrorist attack and saying that he was inspired by the actions of Anders Breivik.

In the text of the manifesto there is a lot of open trolling – probably, the author tried to offend as many different social groups and topics as possible.

Tarrant hosted the live broadcast of the attack, which he began with the words: “Remember guys, subscribe to PewDiePie.” After that, he went to the mosque and opened fire.

I can already hear them writing headlines right now.

In addition to this, the shooter jokingly wrote that his views were also influenced by games,and then immediately rejected it.

– Did extremism and violence teach you video games, music, literature, films?

– Yes, Spyro the Dragon 3 taught me ethno-nationalism. Fortnite taught me how to be a killer and dance “Floss” over the bodies of my victims. No, [this is not so].from the text of the attacker

The shooter announced his intentions before the attack on 8chan – on the same “board”, where at the end of February the THQ Nordic company held a question and answer session. Then the representatives of the publisher had to apologize after the players accused them of supporting a dubious resource.

PewDiePie himself has already managed to respond to what happened on his twitter.

Social network users primarily supported the blogger, noting that they did not associate it with what had happened.

Meanwhile, the analyst Michael Pakter also strangely noted in the scandal, who unsuccessfully joked that the mention of PewDiePie may be due to the fact that the shooting occurred on the international day of Pi, aka Pie Day and Pie Day.

A video of mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand is walking on the net. 
Yes, it has a reference to PewDiePie. 
You should not watch it. 
Do not distribute it.

It’s Pi day … maybe not in New Zealand anymore, I’m not sure

The response was predictable.

Dude, what the hell?

If this is a joke, it is best to delete it. If speculation, hold on to a better game theme, Michael.

Summing up what happened, the media noted that this was a new type of terrorist attack, the main purpose of which is the almost instant distribution of information via the Internet using social services like Reddit.

The New Zealand massacre was broadcast live on Facebook, announced on 8chan, re-posted on YouTube, commented on Reddit, and spread around the world before IT companies reacted.

In New Zealand, they fired at two mosques. Killed 49 people, four suspects detained 

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