The author of Phoenix Point apologized to the backers and promised them a second copy of the game on Steam or GOG.


But only a year after the release in the Epic Games Store.

On March 12, X-COM series creator Julian Gollop announced that his next project, a step-by-step strategy for Phoenix Point, will be the annual exclusive of the Epic Games Store.

Unlike Metro Exodus, Gollop’s game could not be pre-ordered on Steam, but this did not save the studio from scandal. Money for development was collected through Kickstarter, and the Backers promised a year of free DLC or a refund for the inconvenience, but the players were not satisfied with such conditions.

Users who have invested money in the game, felt that Gollop “took advantage” of them. They are sure that they actually gave the developers “debt.”

They took our money, brought the game to a high degree of readiness, attracted external investors, and then completely changed the development plan, giving us the opportunity to take our money back – because they went through a risky phase, and they already have an almost finished product and additional funding.


In response to the massive criticism from the backers, Gollop made public apologies and offered them another bonus – an additional key in the GOG or Steam after the expiration of the exclusivity.

We want to sincerely apologize to those backers who are upset about the changing platform for distribution.

We had no purpose to deceive anyone. The best we can offer is compensation in the form of additional content that we will release within a year after launch. These are at least three DLCs.

In addition to this, the backers will receive the key of the game on the Steam or GOG at the end of the exclusive period. If they are not satisfied with these conditions, we will return all the money to them.

Julian gollop game designer

Communicating with players on Reddit, Gollop stressed that he himself turned to Epic Games with a proposal – in his opinion, the agreement will allow the game to become better.

The deal will allow us to do more for the game before launching it without additional risk and at the same time expand its support after release.

Julian gollop game designer

Gollop is confident that the scandal around the “move” in the Epic Games Store almost does not hurt the game at launch.

By the release of the Epic Store will be more developed, it will have more features. I know that Epic is committed to creating a store that will be both friendly to both players and developers. And they have some great ideas to make EGS stand out from the competition.

Julian gollop game designer

In 2017, in the development of Phonix Point, through Kickstarter, collected more than 765 thousand dollars. After sending an alert to 47,000 backers for the first day, only 1,300 of them asked to return the money, and on the second day their number increased by only 300.

We expect that the money back will ask no more than 5-6% of backers.

Julian gollop game designer

The Phoenix Point release is scheduled for September.

Randy Pitchford on Epic Games Store: “PC is PC, what’s the difference, in which store you take the game?” 


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