Streamer Ninja and rapper Drake set a record Twitch during the broadcast Fortnite


The number of simultaneous viewers overcame the mark of 600 thousand.

On March 15, Fortnite’s popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins broadcast with rapper Drake (Drake). Shortly before this, the artist signed up for a gamer on Instagram.

Both stream members maintained contact through Discord. At the beginning of the broadcast, when they only made voice communications, the number of viewers was about 200 thousand, after all the problems were fixed, the number of fans increased to 400 thousand.

Soon, Drake announced the stream on his twitter, which was signed by almost 37 million people, and the number of viewers overcame the mark of 500 thousand. At the time of publication of the material, the number of people who joined the broadcast exceeded 615 thousand people.

Playing Fortnite with Ninja
The announcement of the stream also appeared on the official twitter page of the Twitch platform.

In early February, Twitch employees reported that the platform record among individual streamers was owned by a gamer with the nickname DrDisrespect, which was watched simultaneously by 388 thousand viewers. Judging by the numbers, now Ninja got the lead.

During the match, Drake said that he started playing Fortnite about two months ago. He spends his time playing mainly in the studio when moments of idleness occur in the process.

In a conversation, Drake said that he believes the cause of the popularity of Fortnite is the dedication of Epic Games, which constantly adds new content to the game. The rapper is sure that in the future the studio should focus on updating the existing maps instead of creating new ones.

Also, a Canadian singer said that he loves pizza with pineapples.

Shortly after the start of the stream Ninja rapper Post Malone suggested Drake to play in the Battlegrounds.

PUBG is still better

Duet in PUBG, Drake?


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