Randy Pitchford on Epic Games Store: “PC is PC, what’s the difference, in which store you take the game?”


The Gearbox head supports the Steam rival.

For the first time, Randy Pitchford took the side of the Epic Games Store in early December, noting that he cannot wait to support the store.

I can’t wait to support Epic Games Store.

Already on March 12, after Gearbox hinted at the exact date of the announcement of Borderlands 3, users remembered what Pitchford said

I’m worried that this may be a prerequisite for exclusive deals for future titles.

What’s bad about it? PC is PC, what’s the difference, in which store you take the game? I am interested to understand this thinking. I shop in a variety of different PC platforms.

Because of these two Pitchford recordings, many players are convinced that Borderlands 3 will be the exclusive Epic Games Store. Moreover, Sergei Galyonkin began silently retweeting materials about the game, as he did in the case of Metro Exodus before that loud announcement

Judging by the first teaser, where there is both the number 3 and the corporate visual style of the game, Borderlands 3 will be fully shown at PAX East 2019, where Gearbox has a big press conference scheduled.


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