Media: Indian police arrest 10 people for playing PUBG Mobile after a regional ban of the “royal battle”


The authorities have demonstrated that they intend to actively fight the game.

Times Now reported that police in the Indian city of Rajkot arrested 10 people for playing PUBG Mobile. Six of them were college students. The arrests were carried out as part of a “warning action”. The police said the students were playing a shooter near the college in the eateries.

Three more young men were detained near the headquarters of the police. They were caught red-handed for playing PUBG Mobile. They brought two cases to the young men in accordance with Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. According to this paragraph, disobeying police orders, which can interfere with the work of law enforcement officers or lead to someone’s injury, is punished with arrest for up to one month or a fine.

The Rajkot police did not detain the detained players and released them immediately after the minutes were filed and the cases were brought to court.

On March 9, the government of India temporarily banned PUBG Mobile in a number of cities. The decree will be valid until March 30. Thus, local authorities are trying to deal with the potential dependence of children on video games, because of which, according to officials, teenagers do not study well.

According to some regional media, now PUBG Mobile is banned in four cities in India. Citizens can report to the police if they see those who violate the moratorium on the mobile game.

The “royal battle” attracted particular attention of the authorities after 11-year-old Ahad from Mumbai wrote a letter to seven ministers asking to ban the game. According to regional media reports, the boy stressed in his appeal that the shooter promotes violence, aggression and murder.


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