Media: Google is working on supporting Nintendo Switch controllers in Chrome


Apparently, the browser will be able to connect to Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

According to the code change history and bug reports in Chromium, Google Chrome can work with Nintendo Switch controllers via USB and Bluetooth. The last version of the connection, judging by the records of the bugs, while it is unstable.

In the Chromium entries, it can also be noted that Google Chrome will be able to support both the left or the right Joy-Con separately, and both gamepads together.

Google has not yet announced official support for Nintendo Switch controllers in the Chrome browser. Probably, the company will tell the details on its own presentation during the conference of game developers GDC 2019. What will be discussed at the Google presentation is not disclosed, but representatives of Ubisoft and id Software will speak at it .

GDC 2019 will be held from March 18 to March 22.

Jade Raymond became vice president of Google 


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