Hearthstone players reach 100 million


In honor of this, Blizzard will hold a festive event.

The developers of Hearthstone reported that the total number of users in the game exceeded 100 million. In honor of the holiday from 7 to 12 November, the developers will hold an in-game event.

All users who will enter the game these days will receive six sets of maps from the “Fumble Day Project” add-on. Up to 500 gold units can also be earned in the “Our players are the best!” Series of tasks.

Hearthstone was released in 2014. To date, the game is available on PC, iOS and Android.

At the Blizzcon 2018 conference, the authors of the CCI announced the addition of“Rasakhanov Games” It will add to the game a new adventure and 135 cards. The release is scheduled for December 4th.


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