Gearbox hinted at the exact date of the announcement Borderlands 3

Apparently, the game will tell March 28.

The company’s official tweet has a post with an image of a road sign indicating: “March 28, Boston, Massachusetts.”

There is another inscription above it: “Exit 3” (“Congress 3”). Perhaps this is a hint of the third part of the Borderlands series.

At the end of March, the PAX East 2019 exhibition will start in Boston. Judging by everything, the announcement will take place on it – Gearbox has already confirmedthat they will take part in the event.

On Borderlands 3 developers hint is not the first time. At the end of November 2018, before the ceremony of The Game Awards, the head of the studio Randy Pitchford mentioned the number “3” on Twitter several times.

However, nothing is officially known about the game.

The last part of the series at the moment, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel !, was released in 2014.


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