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SEGA halted sales of Judgment amid arrest of actor voicing for cocaine use


The company is considering options for how to do it.

According to Japanese media, musician and actor Pierre Taki, who voiced one of the characters of the Judgment, was arrested by the police after analysis showed that he had used cocaine.

No drugs were found in the apartment of the actor, but Taki himself admitted using a small amount of cocaine.

Police are now checking data from his mobile phone to learn more about how Taki got access to drugs.

Character Pierre Taki

Against the background of the arrest, SEGA, a publisher of Judgment, published a short statement in which it announced the suspension of sales of the spin-off of Yakuza – the game was released in Japan on December 13th.

The company noted that it also deleted all the latest tweets about the game and is considering options for what it should do. Perhaps now the character Pierre Taki will completely change.

In the West, the release of Judgment is scheduled for June 25, and it is not yet clear whether this situation will affect the output of the game worldwide.

Fighting, drones and mini-games in the Judgment trailer


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