Respawn: take datamaynerov information about Apex Legends with a share of skepticism


Details of the first season promise to share “very soon.”

The developers of Apex Legends turned to the community on Reddit and again reported that in the near future they will share the details of the first season, as well as tell about the combat pass and the next hero.

In addition, the authors urged players not to accept information from datamineers at face value.

We understand that it is interesting to dig [in the files of the game] and discuss all this, but you should not treat such sources as reliable.

Something [from what was found by the Datamineers] is outdated information or the things we tried in the past and eventually cut out.

Do not forget that the process of game design is to design and test a lot of ideas in the game. Perhaps some of them are still being finalized for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Developers

Respawn employees stressed that all such information is only rumors. They promised to share the news as soon as the material is ready for the announcement.

Recently, a lot of rumors and leaks appeared on the network regarding the start of the first season of Apex Legends. Users and the media shared images of possible heroes, information about new weapons and modes.

Leakage: Apex Legends combat pass will cost about 700 rubles 


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