Fighting, drones and mini-games in the Judgment trailer


The game from the authors of the Yakuza series will be released in Western countries on June 25th.

Judgment tells the story of a Japanese private detective, Takayuki Yagami, who is investigating a series of murders in the Kamurotho area. As can be seen from the trailer, the main character will have to pursue the suspects, search for clues and follow them with a smartphone, drone and disguise.

To justify or accuse certain characters, Takayuki Yagami will be able to enter into debate – and use a replica of Objection! (“I object!”) In the style of the lawyer Phoenix Wright from the series of Japanese games Ace Attorney.

Judgment will also receive a series of mini-games, including cards, pinball and drone races.

The game is only for PS4. For pre-ordering the digital version in the PS Store, players will have access to Judgment on June 21 – four days earlier than the full release.

“A mixture of Yakuza and Ace Attorney”: journalists on Judgment 


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