Tyka Vaytiti will put a pilot episode for “Gangsters in Time” for Apple


Teleadaptation fantasy pictures Terry Gilliam will be released on the company’s streaming service.

Directed by “Real Ghouls” and the third “Torah” will write the script and put the pilot of the series based on the movie “Bandits in time.”

The original tape was released in 1981. This is a fantasy adventure film about an 11-year-old boy and six gnomes who travel to different time periods in search of treasure and meet historical figures.

Frame from the film “Bandits in time”

Taika Whiteity will also be one of Apple’s producers, along with original director Terry Gilliam, a former member of the Monty Python troupe and director of Brazil and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

When exactly tele-adaptation will be released is currently unknown. As previously reported by the media, Apple plans to launch its streaming service in April 2019.


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