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The version of The Division 2 for Epic Games Store works without a client. Epic Games – Only Uplay is needed.


And unlike Steam, Epic Games does not take a share of microtransactions.

On March 12, Ubisoft opened early access to The Division 2 Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition owners. This is the first game of the publisher, which was released in the Epic Games Store instead of Steam, and the players after the launch noticed significant changes in the company’s policy.

When users bought the game Ubisoft on Steam, it appeared in their Uplay, but did not start without a Valve client. Moreover, in the Ubisoft store, the Steam-version and the Uplay-version of games are different entities that can be owned simultaneously.

This separation was due to the fact that Valve not only sold the game partner in its store, but also took a share from each microtransaction. When you try to pay for the built-in purchase in Uplay, the copy purchased from Valve as a method of payment offered only Steam

In the Siege version purchased on Steam, you can pay for microtransactions only through the Valve service.

However, when going to Epic Games Store, the publisher gained much more control over their games. The first buyers of The Division 2 in the Epic store report that the game is not tied to the Epic Games Store launcher at all. After the purchase is completed, the title is tied to the Uplay account in the form of a full-fledged Uplay version, and after that the Epic launcher can even be deleted.

In addition, when buying The Division 2 in the Epic Games Store, all the microtransactions in the game go directly through Uplay, which means that Epic gets only 12% for the initial purchase, and all the other money goes directly to Ubisoft.

In this case, Epic Games Store acts as a direct track in Uplay.

EGS-copy of The Division 2 works as a regular Uplay-copy

These findings correspond to the words of the head of Ubisoft, Iva Guillaume, who openly admitted that for his company Epic Games Store is a way to transfer players to Uplay. And this idea proved to be good, since already in February, The Division 2 on the PC was ahead of The Division’s preorders.

Apparently, this transaction is beneficial for Epic Games only in two ways – from part of the sales of The Division 2 Epic gets 12%, and the game does not come from the main competitor – on Steam. On the part of Ubisoft, the deal is profitable by attracting a new audience from EGS and redirecting it to Uplay.

In a conversation with , representatives of the Gabestore store also confirmedthat the ban on the sale of The Division 2 keys for PC from March 15 comes from Ubisoft itself. Moreover, Gabestore did not have keys for the Epic Games Store – only the keys for Uplay, and it was them who would receive the pre-order.

Apparently, from March 15, Ubisoft is going to maximize its profits from The Division 2. The game can be bought only in the Epic Games Store and Uplay, and the basic console versions in retail will rise to 4,500 rubles.


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