The metal brooch and comics will be included in the Hollow Knight collection edition.


Also in late May, a book on the universe of the game will be on sale.

Hollow Knight metro developers have presented a collector’s edition of the game, the output of which was hinted a week before.

“Collectible” with versions for PC, PS4 or Nintendo Switch will be released on May 31 – but it can already be pre-ordered for $ 64 (about 4,200 rubles).

In addition to the physical copy of the Hollow Knight itself with the Hallowest guide and map, this edition will include:

  • metal brooch with the image of the main character, stand and hook for mounting on the wall;
  • 14-page comic about one of the characters – Quirrel;

a set of four cards with arta to the game

  • gift box.

Buyers of a copy for the Switch will also receive a screen cloth designed for the game

Also on sale will be a book dedicated to the Hollow Knight universe – Wanderer’s Journal (“Traveler’s Journal”), which describes the locations and inhabitants of Hallowest

A 160-page “magazine” in hard leather cover can be purchased for $ 29 (about 1900 rubles), but bundled with a “collectible” it costs a bit less.

Hollow Knight was released on PC in 2017, later it was ported to the console. The game was going to be released on physical media, but the plans were temporarily abandoned in November 2018.

In February, Team Cherry developers announced a full-fledged sequel with the subtitle Silksong.

The creators of the metropolitan Hollow Knight announced a sequel 


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