Respawn released the first balance patch for Apex Legends


The studio promises even more news this week .

Among the weapons with the update, the Slave pistol and the Peacemaker shotgun underwent a change – both were the main candidates for the “nerf” because of their popularity in the community.

“Slave” developers reduced the rate of fire and the bonus to damage when hit in the head with the installed “Skullbreak”, and also increased the initial spread when shooting from the hip.

In the case of the “Peacemaker”, Respawn lowered the bonus to the rate of intermediate reload between shots for all three levels of the corresponding nozzle – now players will be more vulnerable if they miss.

In addition, the availability of a pistol and a shotgun was reduced in zones of all levels, and the chance to find energy weapons and cartridges to it, on the contrary, became higher – also in all zones.

Respawn explained that some types of weapons, like “Mozambique”, did not “buffalo”, since the balance in the game is designed in such a way that some models are weaker, but more accessible, and vice versa.

In addition, the developers said that with the start of the first season of Apex Legends, the hitboxes of three characters will change in the game: Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic – they will be adjusted to better fit their models.


Finally, along with the already released patch on all platforms, Respawn removed the chance of gold falling out of the Ultimate Ultimate armor, increased the reload time for Rafe’s tactical ability, and also lowered the speed bonus of Bangalore on her passive talent.

A full patch description is available on Reddit.

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The developers have promised that in the coming week they will tell more about future updates, including the combat pass, which, according to Daily Esport sources , will be released on March 12.

In addition to the date, the site provided art of the new character of Okteyn in good quality, and also on the basis of his data noted that the combat pass will not be sold for premium currency.

In early March, Respawn reported that Apex Legends played 50 million players in the first month. It is not known to which mark the rate of simultaneous quantity has grown at the same time.

50 million people played in Apex Legends in a month


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