Respawn has banned more than 355 thousand cheaters in Apex Legends since its release.


In the fight against dishonest players, the developers were helped by the Easy-Anti-Cheat system.

To enhance the effectiveness of measures against cheaters, Respawn maintains direct communication with internal EA experts and third-party anti-dishonest experts, continues to work on the complaint system and expands the team that is engaged in anti-cheat Apex Legends.

The developers also noted that they are looking for ways to deal with players who are spamming during character selection and surges and immediately after that leave the match.

Representatives from AMD will help developers to improve the stability and performance of Apex Legends, who will soon have to visit the studio. Already in the next patch, Respawn will eliminate the individual reasons for the game crashes, but all sources of problems have not yet been detected.

The developers also spoke about reconnecting to matches. Respawn does not work on this option for the following reasons.

  • Theoretically, players will be able to abuse this feature.
  • The resources required for the creation, testing and release of this system are wiser to spend on increasing stability.

In conclusion, the developers explained that they know about the players’ complaints about the low performance of the servers at the beginning of the match and are already looking for the causes of the problem and ways to eliminate it.

Apex Legends is a shareware spin-off of the Titanfall series in the royal battle genre. The game was released on February 4 and in a month attracted 50 million people.

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