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Phoenix Point from the creator of X-COM will be the annual exclusive Epic Games Store


The developers promise to return the money to all unhappy.

For a year after the release, Phoenix Point will be the exclusive Epic Games Store. About this on the official website of the game told himself Julian Gollop, the creator of X-COM.

This deal changes everything for our studio, because thanks to Epic we will be able to maintain and expand Phoenix Point over the years.

We want to share our successes with all the backers who supported us. For them, we announce a special bonus: if you supported or pre-ordered Phoenix Point at any time from the start of the crowdfunding campaign until today, you will receive a year of free DLCs.

Yes, this is so – all paid DLC, which we will release in the first year after release, will be automatically added to your account in the Epic Store.

Julian gollop game designer

According to Gollop, the developers understand that many players have financed the project or left pre-orders, waiting for “another platform”.

If you are unhappy with this change for any reason, we will be happy to give you back all the money and apologize for the inconvenience.

Julian gollop game designer

On March 12, it also became known that Deep Silver’s Outward role-playing game will be released in the Epic Games Store – but not exclusively. March 26, the game will be released on Steam.

February 5 release of Phoenix Point was postponed for three months. To date, the release of the game is expected in September. It is a classic turn-based strategy in the spirit of X-COM.

The Phoenix Point strategy from the author of X-COM was postponed for three months 


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