Destructibility and AI- “director” for each fight: how does Control differ from other Remedy games


According to the developers, this time players will have much more freedom.

As Game Informer told Game Control Director Michael Kasurinen, the action metro will be the most non-linear of all the studio’s work – this was not the case in Max Payne or Alan Wake or Quantum Break.

Sandbox elements, according to Kasurinen, can be seen in various aspects of the game, starting with the combat system. Each battle will have to be approached tactically – choosing which super-abilities of the heroine and what form of a transforming service weapon will fit in this or that situation.

How you will go through all these battles will affect everything – what skills you have already acquired, how they were pumped, what modifiers for weapons and abilities received.

Mikael Kasurinen

game director Control

In this case, different types of opponents will require a different approach. In addition to the opponents, people with different equipment in the game will appear flying robots, red spheres, healing all enemies nearby, as well as something called the Astral Spike (Astral Spike) – an otherworldly essence in the form of a huge prickly ball.

The battles themselves will be nonlinear and to some extent unpredictable. Enemies on the map will be arranged by a special program – Encounter Director (“director of battles”), considering at what stage of the passage and in which part of the map the player is.

Our past games were much more linear. Let’s just say: more static and predefined.

We wrote scripts for each enemy in advance – where they appeared, how they were armed, and so on.

Here procedural generation is responsible for this. Enemies appear thanks to the system, artificial intelligence will support the world of Control.

Mikael Kasurinen

game director Control

In this regard, for Control, the developers have completely reworked the intelligence of the opponents themselves.

In addition, the game will be a destructible system, which had not been done before in Remedy. Even telekinesis allows you to lift into the air the smallest details of the environment – for example, a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall or a camera with a tripod.

According to the game director, the locations were originally created taking into account that part of the scenery can be demolished.

We chose brutalist architecture because it has simplicity of form and a lot of materials that are great for destruction.

Concrete, wood, steel, glass – these things are perfectly familiar to you, so you can predict how they will behave in a given situation.

Mikael Kasurinen

game director Control

Control will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the summer of 2019.

Telekinesis, levitation and mind control: the superpowers of the main character Control 


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