BioWare fixed a bug that increased the chances of loosing valuable loot in Anthem – in response, players boycotted


Users plan not to run the game from March 11 until March 16.

On March 8, Anthem players found that they began to receive more “outstanding” and “legendary” items after completing missions to storm Fortresses. Gamers took the changes positively and asked BioWare to leave them.

A friend asked me to play with him in Anthem, and I agreed to one mission. We passed the Fortress, for which I received ten “outstanding” items. Ten!

As a result, the entry into the game for five minutes turned into an 8-hour raid. Whatever you do with loot, BioWare, let it remain so!

-Supp0rt-Reddit user

However, on March 9, the developers released patch 1.0.3 ahead of time , which increased Anthem’s stability, returned a “quick game” for the Fortresses and made dozens of other changes – and also fixed a bug that allowed getting more high-level items.

As a result, a Reddit user called

 Afinda called Anthem players to boycott and not launch the game from March 11 to 16.

Do not play Anthem for a week. We need to show BioWare that the fun of the game brings us getting loot.

Now the time that we spend on their game does not correspond at all with the reward, which falls in return.

Afinda Reddit user

At the time of writing, the Afinda manifesto received 10,600 pros. BioWare Services Development Director Chad Robertson responded to the players’ protest. According to him, developers are also not satisfied with the loot distribution system in Anthem – however, exactly how BioWare plans to change it, Robertson did not say.

Before the full launch of Anthem, players also often received valuable items – but BioWare reduced the likelihood of their falling out with a patch of the first day. The developers said they returned the original parameters, but fans accused them of imposing grind.


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