Adobe will stop supporting Shockwave on April 9


Corporate clients will be able to use it until 2022.

Adobe will no longer support multimedia content creation platform for Shockwave browsers on April 9, 2019. Along with this, it will be impossible to download the player of the same name for Windows. Companies that have a valid corporate license will be able to continue using the platform until 2022.

The decision to stop Shockwave support in Adobe was explained by the development of technology. “The interactive content has moved to platforms such as HTML5 and Web GL, so the use of Shockwave has decreased,” the company said in a statement.

The Shockwave platform was launched in 1995. It was used to create videos and video games, which, using a special plug-in, could be played in the browser.

In the summer of 2017, Adobe announced plans to stop supporting the Flash Player plugin by 2020. The company noted that the majority of its functions assumed HTML5 technology. At the same time, Microsoft, Apple and other browser manufacturers are also gradually abandoning Flash, considering this platform as unsafe for users.


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