Creative freedom for studios and the development of MS Store: Phil Spencer spoke about Microsoft’s plans to support PC games

The company will talk in detail about its priorities at E3 2019.

British PC Gamer magazine interviewed Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s gaming division. Journalists have tried to figure out how Microsoft is going to develop the development and sale of games on the PC.

In particular, the authors of the publication asked whether the company intends to update the online store Microsoft Store, which now looks like “misery”. According to Phil Spencer, Store development is one of Microsoft’s current priorities.

One of our main goals is to improve the Microsoft Store, and in order to achieve it, we take into account all previous experience.

Phil Spencer Head of the Microsoft gaming division

Phil Spencer didn’t answer the question asked by journalists whether Xbox Games Studios would continue to play – like Sea of ​​Thieves, Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 4 – only go to PC on MS Store or appear on Steam and other sites.

This is a good question, and we have been thinking about it for a very long time. I hope that we can tell more details in the near future.

Phil Spencer Head of the Microsoft gaming division

The head of the gaming division of Microsoft said that the company does not force its studios, including the recently acquired Obsidian and inXile, to release games on certain devices. As Spencer said, Microsoft is committed to providing developers with the right resources and at the same time giving them creative freedom.

We want with all our strength to support game developers […] and open access to their projects to the widest possible audience.

At the same time, we understand that individual games work best on specific platforms – or require special management methods (using the keyboard and mouse or controller).

Phil Spencer Head of the Microsoft gaming division

Phil Spencer also stressed that the internal studios of Microsoft themselves determine where their games will come out. At the end of the interview, the manager said that the company is aware of the responsibility for the development of the gaming industry on the PC and promised to reveal details at E3 2019.

Obsidian, inXile and other studios will get all the necessary resources to release their projects on any desired device. 

Microsoft, being the creator of Windows, understands its responsibility to the players on the PC. We are proud of our heritage and realize that we have made a number of mistakes. […] However, in 2019 you will see the results of our investments in the Store and other services, Windows and new games. This is just the beginning.

Phil Spencer Head of the Microsoft gaming division


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