The patch of the first day to The Division 2 is the transfer of the entire game.


It does not make sense to buy it on a disk to save traffic.

The Ubisoft support site has information about the first big update of The Division 2, which is already included in the preload of the game.

Judging by the description, the developers will force all users (owners of the discs too) to download the entire game. Updating the first day is equal to the final distribution.

  • PS4: downloading a game will be about 88-92 GB – the game will take as much on the disc.
  • Xbox One and PC: the download will be 48-52 GB – the game will take as much on the disc.

An additional patch that “treats” the absence of some sounds, seen in beta, will be released on March 11 and will be about 2 GB.

Ubisoft also announced that those who still have the installed versions of The Division 2 for closed or open testing will still have to download the entire game. The company advises to free up space on their devices by removing these incomplete versions.

Ubisoft did not specify why as a first day patch users are offered to download the game entirely, but this usually means fundamental changes made after sending the release to print. At the same time, it remains unclear why the PS4 version takes up almost twice as much space.

The situation in November 2018 was similar with Fallout 76. The game took about 300 MB from the disks and downloaded everything else from the network.

The Division 2 will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 12 for owners of extended editions and on March 15 for owners of basic editions.


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