Dreams will be released in early access spring 2019 the year


The game will appear in a limited number of countries and only in the PS Store.

Dreams Creator Early Access will provide gamers with access to tools for creating their own levels, as well as training materials and arcade games developed by Media Molecule. All participants in the Dreams beta test will be able to transfer their creativity to the game. Single campaign in the early access Dreams will not.

Media Molecule plans to gradually supplement Dreams with new tools and levels based on player feedback. Early access will also not act NDA, which will allow gamers to stream and other ways to share their impressions of the game.

Media Molecule also released a video with examples of the creativity of beta testers Dreams

When exactly Dreams Creator Early Access will be released is not yet known. Early access to the game will open in the United States, Canada, Australia and several European countries, among which at the time of this writing, Russia was not listed. Dreams Creator Early Access will cost 29.99 euros in Europe and 29.99 dollars in the USA.

The final release date of Dreams has not been disclosed.


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