342 MB of payload and cardboard discs: players with bad internet install Fallout 76


On November 14th, Bethesda’s Fallout 76 went on sale, and if the owners of digital copies managed to play it even ahead of schedule , then those who chose the discs were much less fortunate.

In Russia, the PC version of Fallout 76 cannot be bought on the disc in principle, but for players from Australia and other countries, it was a surprise that instead of a standard DVD, a cardboard disc with a code is in the box.

Why do PC games continue to make boxes? The “disc” of Fallout 76 is only a carton with a code for downloading. Well your mother

Warning for players from the regions, for people with temporary access to the Internet, and for everyone who lives in Australia. The PC version of Fallout 76 does not come with a disc. There is only a code. You have to download everything at all. I wish we didn’t have to do that

PC games on discs are already a thing of the past … and here Bethesda appears with its shitty Fallout 76 cardboard disc.

The Xbox One and PS4 discs in the boxes are quite real, but the situation is no better – after the initial installation, the game requires you to download a 50-gigabyte patch that “weighs” more than Fallout 76 itself. Because of this, the release day for many was spoiled

Wow, this is a shock. 50 gigabyte patch … what the hell was then on the disk? Just a bootloade

Seriously, Bethesda and the PlayStation. What do your servers work on? On potatoes? I inserted the disc 30 minutes ago, and that’s how much I downloaded so far

Dude, this is not cool. I pre-ordered the disc and was glad that he came to me ahead of time. Now I understand why.

Xbox One owners noticed that the console “sees” on the disk only 342 MB of data. This quickly gave rise to the theory that Bethesda really sells boxes with a game launcher.

It is possible that the Xbox displays only the data from the disk, which she needed during the installation. However, this does not change the essence: since this is an online game and its updating is mandatory, there is indeed a little more than three hundred megabytes of useful information on the media. The rest of the console simply pumps


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