Media: Valve will release its own VR headset complete with a game in the Half-Life universe

The network also got photos of the alleged device prototypes.

November 10 at Imgur hosting appeared some pictures of a virtual reality helmet.

Judging by the Valve logo on the headset board, this is a working prototype or sample for third-party manufacturers. Among other things, it is equipped with two cameras and built-in headphones.

On the monitor on one of the photos you can see the date – July 25, 2018. It seems that they were made several months before they were posted to the network.

According to the portal UploadVR, the images are authentic. Several sources have confirmed to reporters that Valve is preparing to manufacture its own VR helmet, which will be released complete with Knuckles controllers and some game in the Half-Life universe.

The fact that the company is working on a VR project for its most famous franchise became known in 2015. However, then the studio staff called him an “experiment” and could not say for sure that he would see the light.

UploadVR sources also noted that Valve’s virtual reality headset will support the same resolution as the Vive Pro (2880×1600), but with a large field of view – 130 degrees instead of 110.

When the company is going to release the device is currently unknown.


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