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Media: From an 8 percent reduction in the staff of Activision Blizzard, 209 people accounted for the US division of Blizzard


Site PC Games Insider shared detailed information about the last reduction.

The editorial office of PC Games Insider has received a California Department of Labor document with accurate information on the number of employees abbreviated in the US division of Blizzard. Total jobs lost 209 workers.

  • IT-industry Blizzard – 41 employees
  • Marketing Unit in Irvine and Austin – 29 employees
  • The quality control and work environment hotel in Irvine, Austin and Burbank – 29 employees
  • HR department in Irvine and Austin – 18 employees
  • Global Insights Division – 15 employees
  • North America Publishing – 12 employees
  • Quality Assurance in Irvine and New York – 11 employees
  • Blizzard Latin America Publishing – 10 employees
  • Web and mobile division – 9 employees
  • Financial department in Irvine – 8 employees
  • Team – 5 employees
  • Customer service – 2 employees

A complete list of units whose employees fell under the abbreviations can be found in PC Games Insider .

Activision Blizzard announced an 8 percent reduction in staff as part of its financial report released in mid-February. Then the management of the company emphasized that developers who are directly involved in the creation of games will not lose their places.

Activision Blizzard will fire 775 employees – 8% of the staff 


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