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In February, Valve fired 13 employees – including from the VR department


According to the official position, the departure of some of the workers “does not indicate significant changes within the company.”

Valve did not specify exactly who lost his job – however, the UploadVR website foundthat the company in particular was left by Nat Brown, who was working on Steam compatibility with external GPUs and was in the VR department since 2015, and also Rob Rydberg.

The latter, according to his LinkedIn page, worked at Valve on a relatively cheap and ready-to-run VR production system based on a programmable logic integrated circuit (FPGA).

Last month we said goodbye to 13 employees and terminated a number of agreements. This is an unpleasant side of the business, which, however, does not indicate any significant changes in the company. We are grateful to all our former employees for their contribution and wish them success in the future.Valve representative answer to UploadVR edition


In November 2018, insiders posted pictures of their own Valve VR helmet. According to UploadVR sources, the company plans to introduce the headset along with the Half-Life prequel already in 2019. Prior to that, Valve had developed a VR extension for Steam and in conjunction with HTC released the Vive system.

Media: Valve will release its own VR headset complete with a game in the Half-Life universe


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