Riot Games sued for sexual harassment and discrimination


Employees want the leadership to stop maintaining a sexist atmosphere, and also set an equal salary regardless of gender.

On November 5, the former and current employees of Riot Games filed a lawsuitagainst the company because of cases of sexism and discrimination, as well as because of the “favored men” above.

The statement alleges that the plaintiffs in the company, like many other employees of Riot Games, were denied salary and career growth because they were women. In addition, the plaintiffs complained about the working conditions, which included cases of prolonged sexual harassment and misconduct. The statement refers to the California Equal Rights Act , which can serve as a basis for initiating proceedings.

Plaintiffs demand compensation for unpaid salary, non-pecuniary damage and other fines – the exact amount will be determined by the court. Employees are asked to classify the case as a class action. The purpose of the plaintiffs – to seek from the leadership of fair treatment for women in the company. For example, do not promote only men to senior positions and pay equal salary, which depends on qualifications, and not gender. In addition, employees want Riot bosses to stop encouraging discrimination in the work environment.

The paper provides several examples of sexist behavior. For example, it is indicated that the management did not specifically hire women for senior positions. At the same time, one of the bosses claimed that he did not want to work with a male assistant, because “because of this, he feels weird.” Also in the statement it is noted that the employees were forced to fulfill the orders of senior positions without additional payment.

Separately, there are cases of sexual objectification – for example, a discussion on the corporate mail of “the hottest asses of Riot Games employees”. Plaintiffs also allege that male employees asked them to be more tolerant of “rough male humor,” which included jokes about “sex, masturbation, defecation and rape. The word “member”, as noted in the statement, male employees spoke over 500 times a month.

The statement also describes cases where company bosses sent photos of their genitals to employees, and also discussed which employees would be “pierced”. In addition, the example is the phrase “” No “- does not necessarily mean” no “, which served as a kind of slogan during meetings.

Representatives of Riot Games told Kotaku that they have not yet commented on the lawsuit, but promised to investigate the statement of the employees.

And although we will not comment on the details of the trial, we can say that we take such allegations very seriously and are going to investigate them thoroughly. We still support the idea of ​​a deep and comprehensive evolution of our corporate culture. We want to ensure that Riot can be a place for every Riot to flourish.

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In early August, Kotaku published an investigation into numerous instances of sexist behavior at Riot Games. Journalists talked with employees and found out that discrimination and “bro-culture” flourish in the company – women are not promoted or raised in salaries, while men are rude jokes and perceive employees as sexual objects.


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